Here’s what we think of Marci

Marci, Mirana’s lovable and feisty little sidekick in the Dota 2 animation series Dragon’s Blood is finally set to make her entrance into the game, becoming a playable character during her release supposedly next fall.

Valve officially revealed her during the fifth day of The International 10 playoffs right after PSG.LGD defeated Team Secret for the Upper Bracket Finals match.


From her teaser trailer, we could see that she uses her whole body as a weapon, being lithe yet hard-hitting, as seen from the animated series as well. What’s revealed in the teaser was that she has some sort of energy that wells up from inside of her, possibly giving her that superhuman strength that she has.

(Screencapped from Valve)

Judging from what we have seen in the anime and from the teaser, we could see that Marci’s attacks and spells are physical abilities, which may involve her getting close to her enemies.

If we’re drawing comparisons, we could say that she would play like Lee Sin from League of Legends, or Chou from Mobile Legends, being an extremely agile hero that can quickly kite enemies as well as close the distance when needed.

(Photo from Riot Games)


She could be an annoying position 4 support that whittles away at the enemy carry’s health and then dashing back behind the creep wave to avoid being burst down with damage. She can also use her aura/inner power to create barriers/shields that would protect her and her allies.


She could also be a melee midlaner who plays like Ember Spirit, dashing in and out of fights and disabling enemies she comes into contact with. She could have spells that stun the enemy, as well spells that make her mobile enough to kite hard-hitting spellcasting heroes.


However, whatever her intended role would be, it’s the player base and the meta that would ultimately decide which lane she sits in and her farm priority. We are unsure as of the moment as to where exactly she sits in that aspect, but we’re sure that she will be a very agile and mobile hero.


As of now, there is no news about her specific release date, aside from the fact that she will be released during the next Fall season.